Domestic and Family Violence Training


Cumberland Women’s Health Centre have devised a training program which intends to assist Managers and HR workers with dealing with domestic violence, signs of domestic violence, intervention strategies and services available for assistance. This training program will ensure Managers and HR Workers are confident and have the right information to deal with issues of DV with employee’s that work for your organisation. This in turn, will give the victim a sense of security and support and may feel more confident to deal with the issues at hand. Sessions will also cover Safety, OHS and also address policy and procedures that could be implemented within your organisation.

Our training sessions are a 2 hour intensive program and require a minimum of 10 attendees. This training program costs $100.00 per person + GST and will include all resources and tools, training folder package and all printouts. We will also provide your business with a letter of completion and ongoing support for your managers and HR who have completed the program.

Why is it important for your business?

Statistics show that 2 out of 3 victims affected by domestic violence are in paid employment and 1 in 5 victims say the violence continued in the workplace. It is also proven that domestic violence effects productivity, attendance and punctuality which costs corporate and businesses $1.5 billion through direct costs such as administration, recruitment following staff over and training for new employees. It is in everyone’s best interest for the employer to have the correct support, skills and tools to support the employee. Learning to deal with issues in Domestic Violence is vital as people experiencing these issues can be vulnerable and the correct management skills are imperative.

As reported on the BOSCAR website, in 2016 there were 29,044 occasions of assault in  relation to domestic violence in NSW alone.

Domestic and family violence is a crime that takes many forms including emotional and psychological abuse, intimidation, harassment, stalking, physical and sexual assault, and can include animal abuse targeting pets, and damaging personal or joint property.

Domestic Violence is a social issue as it does not only effect the victim but also effects the   victims family and friends. This issue also causes a direct effect on missed work/school, medical bills, the cost of prosecuting/incarcerating perpetrators, funeral costs, children left without parents- these all affect society as a whole.

Thank you for considering Cumberland Women’s Health Centre in training your staff and your organisation becoming a part of the solution to this social issue.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the training options please contact us on 9689 3044 or email


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